DNA Security Solutions

DNA Security Solutions specialises in criminal marking systems. What does this mean to you?
  • DNA mist covers the criminal with your forensic marker.
  • This means you CAN do something to fight back against criminals – DETER them from coming to YOUR door.
  • We make your business or home 85%* less attractive to criminals who are targeting you for armed hold-up or theft.
  • It’s simple – Criminals want an easy ride. In and out without being identified gives them a good chance of getting away with stealing YOUR hard earned cash.
  • You don’t have to be a victim - Put the power back in YOUR hands!

By raising the risk of capture and conviction DNA Security Solutions products intensifies a criminal’s fear of being caught - to the point where they will abandon their plans in search of a softer target. This makes our products some of the most powerful and long lasting criminal deterrents on the market today.

DNA forensic evidence is critical in being able to place the criminal at the crime scene while the crime was being committed.

We are Australia’s most innovative security company, designing and developing market leading security technology to businesses and families across Australia to secure them against an attack from criminals who see them as a soft easy target for crime.

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