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DNA Track2U

DNA Track2U - Today TonightFor the Under 4 year olds:

  • Pin it onto your childs back
  • Pin it into their pocket of a jacket or Pants

For the over 4 year olds:

  • Comes with a lanyard to place around Their neck
  • Put it in their school bag or back pack
  • Pin it onto their clothing


  • Also useful for older parents who have a Tendency to wander, Alzheimer’s, etc…
  • Hikers
  • Custody Issues
  • Anaphylactic children
  • Major Sporting events where your kids Can get lost

Product Benefits

Peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are

Children or other family members don’t have to be out of your reach when out of your arms. This light weight portable system will allow you to always be close to them.

The Track 2U includes:

  • GPS Tracking of your loved one in real time and a mobile phone to talk to them
  • Programmable to 2 mobile phones –
    • Mum and Dad, or whoever is responsible for your loved one
  • Your loved one can talk to you thru the device
  • SOS button to send you a message of “HELP ME” and calls you so you can speak to them
  • You get a GPS location to find where your child is. Many modern phones (I-Phones etc) will show you location on Google maps
  • You can send a text to the unit to find the location of where your loved one is
  • You can pre-set a Speed alert function which will text you if your loved one travels over a pre-set speed
  • Geo fence: if the unit/loved one moves outside of a predetermined area (set by you) then unit will text you an alert
  • When battery gets low unit texts you
  • Battery charge via USB charge which can be done on a computer/mains/car
  • Very Light weight
  • Size: 7cm x 4cm
  • Can be worn around the neck, or pinned on clothing, inside jackets
  • Operates via a SIM card which can be from any phone carrier... pay as you go!
  • Works with-in mobile phone range areas

DNA Track2U will be available for purchase from DNA Security Solutions - Just ring the 1300 667 688 to arrange payment and delivery. We accept Credit card payment. Also available from Tyres and More located around Australia.

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DNA Track2U

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